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02 October 2015 @ 12:51 pm

Title: The stars are going out
Characters: Clara Oswald and Rose Tyler
Rating: G
Words: 740
Summary: Missing scene from The Name of the Doctor
Author's Note: Thank you very much to betawho for beta-ing

Clara walked  between the desks of her students. She'd had to confiscate Leela's spitball-shooting pen and Tegan's paper plane, but Harry had begun to concentrate on his own work rather than steal glances at Martha's, and Susan had stopped looking out the window. Everything seemed to be going smoothly in class, so why did she feel so unnerved?

Almost in answer, the world shook.Collapse )
The Twelfth Doctor's identity, or: "Who frowned me this face?"
The first episode of S8 was run through with the Doctor's identity crisis, with parallels being drawn between him and the villain of the week as several questions were pondered. Can he be the same person after he's completely renewed himself? But what if his memory fails him? And why is he wearing another man's face?

This sort of thing is expected of a new Doctor's first episode, but it's interesting how this theme has continued throughout the first five with the Doctor being presented with further mirrors of himself,  telling him and us who he is, and isn't:
Meta, speculation about where it"s heading, and Clara"s role in thisCollapse )

Feel free to share your thoughts, your own theories and/or mock me.
26 May 2014 @ 07:47 pm

Doctor Who Wallpaper Peter Capaldi

Made from screencaps taken from the fantastic fan-made trailer by John Smith Rain featuring the Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi.
Widescreen 1920x1080
10 March 2014 @ 05:39 pm
It's the annual Fandom March Madness steel cage match, and this year's representative for Doctor Who is Donna Noble. It's currently round 2 and she's loosing, so please vote for her in this poll. You can also join in the campaigning for her in this post!
Whoever votes Donna Noble, you're welcome to prompt me for a four sentence fic :)

Credits: TARDIS profile pic, music and bits of video taken from Facebook Lookback.

I’ve attempted to make sense of the plot of Series 5-7 of Doctor Who (up to and including The Time of the Doctor). I’ll have to heavily summarise this in order to put it in infographic form, but here’s the full version of my write-up in case anyone’s interested. I’ve pointed out all the timeline changes as long as they pertain to the series arc (unlike the re-writing of Kazran Sardick ), the plot holes, and my attempts to paper over some of them.

I warn you, it’s pretty long. Here we go:

Series 5Collapse )

Series 6Collapse )

Series 7 to TTotDCollapse )

Any questions, feedback or suggestions are welcome, as well as any offers of help to put this in graphic form.
29 November 2013 @ 09:17 pm
30 second Doctor Who video set to clips from Series 1-4 and 'The Day of the Doctor' inspired by this gifset of the episode. Title of song used might be a spoiler, so I'm putting it under the spoiler cut along with an embed of the video and a download link:
[Spoiler (click to open)]

Doctor Who - Coming Home by Skylar Grey.  Youtube link. Download link.

Thank you to the brilliant vidder hollywoodgrrl for beta-ing.
28 November 2013 @ 02:26 am
Welcome to TARDIS School: We put the 'Universe' in 'University'! The entrance may be single-file only, but the facility is extraordinarily roomy. A brief introduction to the staff and the subjects they teach:

Rose Tyler - Communications
In her lessons, Miss Tyler teaches both interpersonal skills and how to come up with a single powerful message and beam it across a variety of media. She is friendly and approachable, and students will often pour out their troubles to her. She once looked into the heart of the TARDIS temporarily acquiring god-like powers over time and space that enabled her to establish the Bad Wolf Project, a case-study for a year-long coursework for which it is impossible to cheat on because its nature and results are guaranteed to be unique to each individual student.

Clara Oswald - English
Miss Oswald is a teacher full of infectious curiosity and passion for her subject. She has the ability to describe in breathtaking detail the historical background of each book they study, almost as if she had been there herself. She knows both how to command good behaviour from her students as well as how to make lessons feel like playtime.

Martha Jones - Biology and Chemistry
A class full of impetuous students mixing chemicals can be a high-risk situation, but not so under Doctor Jones' competent watch. Alert at all times and cool in the face of fire, the students trust her implicitly. Her expertise in human and alien biology coupled with her wide-ranging experience makes for fascinating lessons.

Mickey Smith - IT
During lessons, Mr. Smith always speaks to each student individually to make sure none of them are feeling stuck and frustrated. He also encourages their initiative and creativity. His lessons are a relaxed affair, and he will occasionally allow himself to be reeled into conversations about football and car engines.

Romana - Physics
Ms. Romana traditionally begins the school year by breezily asking her nonplussed students to call her Fred, setting the tone for the bemusement they are about to experience throughout the year. Although capable of explaining her subject at a level they can understand, quite often a question from a student might cause her to brightly and earnestly launch into an explanation filled with incomprehensibly advanced jargon. She will good-naturedly backtrack when she realises their confusion, however.

The Doctor - TARDIS owner, janitor and itinerant substitute teacher
The Doctor is the man that owns and looks after the TARDIS and who established the school. He refuses the title of headmaster, claiming that it would be more accurate to call him the janitor. Whenever one of the teachers can't give class, he'll cheerfully fill in, even if it means being in more than one place at the same time. His lessons tend to be memorable experiences for the students, as he'll never follow the curriculum, but will enthusiastically expound on the subject at hand aided by impromptu school trips and mind-bending practical demonstrations.